Which side are you on…

Which side are you on…

Today I had a personal training client right before a classes .

After the nice 5 minutes chat we started to move to warmup, instructionals and the task itself.

As a typical guy- focus areas was shoulder plus hip mobillity and metcon….really foccused and dedicated i invidual he is. Really puts a great deal of effort into it.

I knew that his shoulder was injured couple of years ago and he neglected the recovery in all angles which resulted with lack of mobillity on the right side.

Watched him as he was pushing though…and stopped him… Slowed him down and regressed to lower complexity, reduced angles and started up again.

We started to analyse it afterwords…word to word…bright guy:) I asked him about star wars… Dark/ Light side. He was familiar with it… Who isnt:)

He was pushing the technique using what I call- Dark side. Anger, hate…strong, but dark feelings…could see it on his face…twitches, gaze, expressions…

I know it so well…been there myself. Those levels of energy we possess in our bodies…force that makes us push beyond levels of discomfort to distress… This state of mind…its your last ditch. Last resort. We cant use it while we train and expect that everything goes well. It costs. It drains… It addicts.

I cant say that I havent used it. Happened to many times actually… Throughout my martial arts career, weightlifting…even when I started my journey with kettlebells.

” you speek like you know it well” – he said.

Yes. I do. Too well.

Now I train… Challenge myself… But I have a choice. Dark/ light side…

Know both. Use one.

It is a freedom you want to have.

Think about it.