Tengu Fitness Recruits 5

Tengu Fitness Recruits 5


New week, new challenge … new energy in my body and mind after one week Kaliradman training in beautiful Sardinia- I just hope that my students don’t feel it too much on their skin;))

On this weel schedule- TACFIT CHARLIE  – Each minute on the minute protocol – really intensive workout that teach us that through the focus on technic, developing the flow- we can save some seconds we gladly use for recovery beetween the rounds;))

We have warmed up with circular movements of shoulders, hips and core and started mastering the exercises – clubbell shoulder park squat, quad press and knee press- the task was to deliver given repetitions in 60 seconds rounds. 10 shoulder park squats (5/5), 5 quad presses and 5 knee presses…in 20 rounds knowing that every rep counts and the better the technic – the more time we have to use for recovery in the round.

Fantastic learning curve girls… that was a great one and you learned a lot about yourselves;))

Specific cooldown and relaxation techniqyes you needed at the end of the class.

Can’t wait thursday- we meet again for class nr 6!!!


Stay strong