It has began…. Yestarday I have got in my hands first group of recruits- Erika, Therese and Ingebjørg- Tengu Fitness Classes its going to be a thing rolling constantly thoughout the year based on small group personal training concept in cooperation with Puls Fitness Langhus and Pekka Training. Groups are supposed to be small- up to 4 people which gives the participants feeling of Personal training with a lots of technical input Im not able to give to my classes for 25 students.  Tengu Fitness Classes Recruits- it´s a fist level of 3 I have planned. Trainings are intensive , based on Scott Sonnons TACFIT , CST Clubbells, Kettlebells and TRX training.  The room we having Tengu Fitness Classes in  is equipped with everything we need to invite recruits into the big world of functional fitness. Trainings are scheduled  twice a week  with a suplementation training in the weekend the recruits are doing by their own and documenting it;)

So how we began? We began from the Intuflow open chain drills for TACFIT Commando recruit 1 test- we went thru all protocol elements and did trial rounds on all of them… and one thing was left… GO, GO, GO… it started!!!

All scores are wrote down now and lying safely in my archive- ERIKA- 38 scores with a good flow though out the protocol- no regressions needed!!!! AVE HRBPM(average heart rate 159 ) and THERESE – 30 scores with a warrior will and one regression on Tactical pushup to knee press- AVE HRBPM of 155. Both girls did a great job with recovering between the rounds.

We compensated workout with a yoga elements and first introduction to Tacfit was behind us;))

Great job Girls- Im excited to work with you- You gonna Rock!!!!!