Tengu Fitness Class- Recruits 7

Tengu Fitness Class- Recruits 7



Yesterday I met  the girls attending Tengu Fitness Class recruits 7… I have looked at the faces…nooo…. low on energy- Lets get to work i thought …just smiling with a half of my face. Lets get to it;))) I knew that they going to go out from the room with totally different attitude;))

And how its went down- 4 warm up exercises and nice AMRAP protocol- Tacfit Delta. They worked, foccused, chrushing one round after another- totally 5 rounds score on for each every one of them-


21 backward step

13 spinal rock pike

8 burpee

5/5 kettlebell figure 8

…. great effort and absolutelly good score girls;)) than the cooldown and good conversation about fitness in general… Im looking forward to meet u thursday for our little evil workout;))

Live, love, move!!