Tengu Fitness Class- Recruits 6

Tengu Fitness Class- Recruits 6

Tengu Fitness Class recruts- class number 6 of  12 scheduled… Half a way there girls;)) Its fantastic to observe the progress… movements are controlled and powerful… heavier tools used and You still standing;))  heavy AMRAP protocol today build upon functional movement;))

* 21 tactical lounge

* 15 front press med clubbell

* 9 spinal rock pike

* 5 suspended pullup on TRX

50 Kettlebell swings(16 kg)


You made it- 4 great rounds with a good pace and focus… no recovery time between the exercises- time 20 minutes. Good compensatory exercises to make your workout fully lovable and meditation to get you centered again;)

Great job Girls- eat well, sleep deep, recover fully…


See you next week;)