Its almost 12 o clock… thats how its look like in my life now…. the weekend is over and crazy it was;) Together with my good friend and mentor in Kettlebell word- Allan Fallrø we organized the Combo- Clubbell workshop with Kettlebell Instructor certification.  There is something about this two fantastic fitness tolls… there is synergy- they complement each other- like we complement each other in the way we teach and what we teach with Allan. We talked, we agreed to work close together to make a fantastic seminars, boot camps and courses together.

Friday was the time for the clubs- to say it straight- it was my second seminar – on the first seminar i Kristiansand in Clubbells and Tacfit came 10 people, I gave them 150 proc of myself and we had a blast two days together. This time was different- I felt I have grown a little… maybe it was all of the courses I took latelly, maybe the the people I have met last year…Scott Sonnon, Allberto Galazzi, Antonio Faedda- people wchich  are living the life Im starting to live… but anyway- My students attended seminar among others that came from other gyms… What can you teach i 2,5 hours? To long just for the workout, to little time to go into complicated details. I was speaking of Fitness Hierarchy, health first principle, key elements in swinging and gave them Beautiful 6 Degrees of freedom workout-  first a long intuflow session, main excersises and regressions plus compensatory movements specific to that workout… I felt good… felt they got a 2,5 hours introduction to something I fell in love with… I gave them a taste of what can become a part of their daily routine and they loved it. That gives me the motivation to keep going, evolve and be the Coach I decided to be… inspire, motivate, evolve… I see strong, rock solid group that trains together, helping each other to achieve their goals and having lots of good fun together.




Saturday and sunday started the test… we use to say- exam is on sunday- but its just a confirmation, the quality check for us… exam starts when you guys enteing the room… how you communicate, spot each other, getting the cues…

I came to the certification with % of my students- Hentiette, Heidi, Tone, Linn and Christine… Funny huh? You ask- don’t you have a guys doing KBells at your place? Well- lets say- they coming next time;) 5 strong girls I hve been training last year- talented, focussed warriors that I see a big potential in… who knows- maybe we going to attend a competition next year with some them- since I got the message that I should try myself there too;)))  The quality of movement of my students- solid!!! everything was there- technic, strengh and most important- mobility… Here I have to add something- all of those girls are students of my CST and Tacfit classes… They have CRUSHED IT- Crushed it Tacfit style- perfect breathing at exertion point, rapid recovery… everything was there… Girls!!! You making me really proud!!!


You are just started the journey… You earned that one!!!




Journey for me has begun as well- I finally found my place, my passion and people that doesn’t drag me down but pushing forward and inspire to be better in what im doing… Big things are about to happen…



Kettlebells and Clubbells together with bodyweight excersises ( both joint mobility and compensatory movement) seems to be the optimal combination for me and together with people that burn with the same desire, shearing thought and ideas… possibilities are endless!!!!


Great Weekend Allan, Great weekend girls…

I can finally put my head on the pillow….