Tengu Fitness Recruits- 4

Tengu Fitness Recruits- 4




Tengu Fitness Recruits 4!!!!

I knew that I have to gice you girls something special today since there is going to be a week break in our classes- Im traveling to Italy to be better stick and knife fighter and coach-Its going to be 4 long training days for me and I hope that you gonna miss our trainings. Todays training I have based on my Fire Square workout- Still Tacfit inspired but giving one new little twist into it- awearnes and rapid exersise change. We have been working with 4 elements- in 50/10x 4 x 4 protocol – 50 seconds work, 10 seconds recovery just enough to rapidly change the station and start working again. In additional to focus on technic – we have only 10 seconds to change the working focus from area to area and keep pushing until the signal sounds.  4 excersises today- trx one legged squat, burpee, hindu pushup , heavy kettlebell swing- in 4 rounds. Great to see that you dont loose focus and keep pushing it- concious and without the tunnel vision. Great job out there. After protocol we trained technical hollow body pushups and had a long cooldown with yoga and meditation.


Great effort and I see you warriors in a week;))