Videos… funny tool;))

Traning videos- we hate them, we all love them at some point- they crush our self image ( and show that we’re crap at some point) and than they show our progress. I have watched over my you toube videos from couple years ago… I gues one of my first vids was one of martial arts kind- low kicks and takedowns- I was overweight and stressed, almost agressiv/stressed… than the kettlebell videos with 12 kg kettlebell- and I really felt that was heavy back then. Before I was considering to remove all videos Im not satisfied with ( in my case 2/3 of them ) but – what a hell- It is all part of my journey, that fat guy kicking the shit of a kicking shield was also me…We can never wipe out that who we were but that is a picture to remember. Remember our mistakes, evolve and do not go the same paths again. It looks much better now- ┬áMy overhead squat with 40 kg, my students lifting double 28 kg in overhead squat- impressive progress you guys- Im so proud of you. Thats why it good to have videos from the classes. To monitor progress and smile a little watching the old stuff;))) Have a good one;)