Yoga- and how I was thinking long time ago;)

Yoga- and how I was thinking long time ago;)


I was a fighter… Loved to feel how my lowkick land perfectly on oponents
thigh, the punch shakes him…see the glims of fear in his eye.

Trained hard putting my whole anger, hate and love into it:)) make sense? No? Well…
It makes perfect sense for me. I used to solve my problems with martial
arts training- what can be better than leaving all rage and complexes
turned into sweat on the dojo floor?? Than it seemed to work:)) im not
saying that i was a great fighter- couple of minor competitions, nothing
major- some bad knee injurys, some knockouts… I loved it and still do:))
the thing is that something changed and I dont feel anger anymore…I have
to really focus to feel a littlebit of this dark feeling when i hit or
kick- used to help:)) anyway- back then It was my whole life- kyokushinkai
above all other styles… Hard training, dedication and ideology( pretty
twisted considering reasons I started my training;)) lots of food to grow
bigger, hit harder and be ” bulletproof”. If you have asked me back then
about yoga- i would laugh in your face… Never… Thats for metrosexual
guys… So #%%^^%% feminin:))) We are the fighters and so on and so on…

Lets say that I have grown a little since then:) Yoga is a part of my
daily routine ant to be honest- i would never be able to train so much I
train without the proper compensation and cooldown but thats just a
physical side of it… I started to dig deeper inside of me when I started
practicing… This is a journey inside myself turned into movement…
Movements that defines me in some way…movements I can find bits and
pieces of myself in…



I’m just trying to send the message to You all who are in
the same spot I was- thinking that compensatory, beautifull movement is
not suitable for fighters or warriors… IT IS cause you probably could
find the person more foccused on being tough and hard than me:))) sill….
Here I am- in the movemens I described as feminin and soft… Having a
good workout releasing the tension and absolutelly good for my health-
both mental and physical.
Stay strong