The Game Of Love

Sweden… Right behind the norwegian border. Im sitting on the passenger seat ( we flipped the coin about it:)) … Driving to Strømstad- nearby city. Pretty normal sight…. Two people driving the car, having a good time, enjoying being together. I used to talk a lot- you know- lots of thoughts that just has to come out- sounds familiar? …

Suddenly i stopped talking and had one of those strange moments… Kind of retrospection…like I have move back in time and seeing myself standing in the Polish shoping center as a security guard… earning enough a day to buy myself a cop of cofee, pack of cigaretes and the ticket home… Life sucked back then- negativity and miserable thoughts was crawling into my mind constantly, creating scarry scenarios and ” things gone bad” situations… I have attracted all those bad things to myself… Getting home everyday thinking how bad it is to be me, feeling sorry for myself and being angry for whole world…….

Moment has passed and I was siting again in the car…10 years older, looking at the beautifull woman on the driver seat…Santana “The Game of Love” is filling the car and my heart;))) … woman I was dreaming to be with but never thought that Im good enough for her.  I have a job I love- meaningfull and exciting that I’m able to live of…

Now think- just ten years and Im sitting here, loving my life and feeling peace and joy is filling every cell of my body…what has changed?- have I changed? certainly my physique did, but its just a biproduct of my internal change. Thoughts…attiude in meeting the challenges.. That changed drastically. I have ecountered resistance in my life, things were not easy, but there is something in how I handled them. I used to get pissed, angry on people around me, everything around me….

Now I call them only “obstacles” and threat them as such. There is always the way to deal with them and getting angry is demaging only one person- myself. And always- ” cant you deal with it- there always way around it”;))Unfortunatelly I have used the same pattern in handling the fitness challenges, unable to reach my goals. I got angry on myself thinking that I will never get what I want… And Thats was the truth- you are unable to achieve that you desire if you dont Trully Believe that you can…. you have to believe that you get your goal physique, your perfect partner, your dream job…

” BELIEVE-ACHIEVE” !!!!!! Simple and well known slogan? Maybe, but why so many of us struggle ? People just don’t believe in themselves.

Wake up now!!!!

You dont want to wake up behind the desk in 10 years from now and make the statement – ” my life is miserable” – so take a leap!!

Live, love, move! …Santana is still in my ears;)))