I never thought that “style”, ” taste” of mace swinging/use going to be a such a politic topic.  Yes- I do use Bulava ( short mace)- as a bit more challenging offset variation than the steel club. But don’t I use the clubs? Hell I do. 
I use heavy mace 360 – but on the other hand- do I “dance” with a mace in complex sequences, expressing myself- YES!!! Things I see it? The more we taste, try, reaserch, play with- the richer our movement vocabulary will be. Health follows high quality, meaningfull movement. And the rest -You’ll ask? Tools guys. Tools of self development- that follows us. Not the other way around.
 I really enjoying learning…both from the Best in their own fields as well as from my students in day to day sessions. That what makes us contribute even more. Thing is- we all have a lot to learn from eachother- but politics creates disconnect between us Coaches- and that is something i react really negatively on. You guys are all masters in your craft- ancient or modern, short or long, flowing or staccato!!! 
Support eachother instead creating the issues:) our branch of fitness is so narrow anyway- to make it broader we have to communicate and communicate with respect.