…passion/ obsession/ life?

…passion/ obsession/ life?

First, second, third- or simply all of them?

I was always dreaming about having a good job…prefferably in my proffesion ( im master of science engineer in animals bioengineering). Climbing the career ladder, possition after possition, higher and higher.. And the end of the road… I had what I wanted. Nice payed job, office, numbers, meetings…results, productivity… And slowly, slowly… More coffee, more facebook…

I woke up one day knowing that I dont want to get up and go to work…woke up with feeling of lack of acomplishment…joyless, dull numbers, of company which is not mine.

After some wrestling with my thoughts…pretty exhausting one.. I knew. I will not get old there.

And lets look at it all now- 2 years after. Im driving pretty old pickup, working in my own company ( tengu Fitness) 18 hours a day…earning one fifth of what I did before and- Im happy!!! Im not saying that its easy… But Im ALIVE and PRESENT.

Im actually doing what I feel Is my TASK in this life. Coach. Thing that defines me.

And now- downsides- if there are any…

If your job is your passion, your lifestyle, your life… Its easy for it to become obsession.

My Granny would be really proud- why? I remember i period in primary school we have been really into the video games.. My Granny used to complain about amount of time we use in the front of the TV

Pawel- she use to say- turn it off… Start learning foreign languages…go and read something useful!!!… Lovely lady she was…. Nagging but lovely.. Smart lady…. And she absolutelly wished me well.

And now what? Having her words constantly in the back of my head… I feel bad having a couple hours off… Off training life, off line, with a phone switched off….

Truth is…this blog is actually the way of making my evening writing activities … Well- the job as well.

Last year i filled whole notebook with thoughts, feelings, things i wanted to write about… This year- I decided to make it online… Why?

Granny would be proud.

Maybe there is somebody that this blog will affect in positive matter…maybe it will stimulate somebody out there to think… Do do good, creative things…

Who knows.


All of you out there- doing what you love, living it and of it… Dont let it all be the the only thing you do… Get a hobby:))

Im strugglig here to:))

What would it be??

No idea.

Stay strong- be present!!!