Let go.

Let go.

So simple… So damn difficult. We are holding onto so many things, feelings, controll… We attach to visions, people, statements…

I used to… And still do in the way…trying to be everywhere, contriibute, fix, help… Find myself sitting in the sofa with a ” to do list”- that covers many weeks forward. Days of? None- who needs them right?

That scared me. Not exactly amount of things im supposed to do- but number unfinnished cases. And if there is a fear in me…its a fear of failure and dissapointment.

It came to me… One word.


“Now” is the answer.

What can I do NOW to push things forward. How we handle NOW, how we act NOW is affecting outcome ( read – number if things to do) When I realised that- fear dissapered. Why to be concerned about the outcome- when NOW determines it. Its happening now.

From the all things I failed to disconnect from- fear of the outcome is a worst, demands most effort- but its worth it. It gives a freedom.

“Letting go” in progress:)