Happiness and balance…why we often fail?

Happiness and balance…why we often fail?

There is many reasons why do we feel happy, calm and fullfilled. I have to admit that last year wasn’t the best for me…don’t get me wrong- its not like im complaining because everything went as I was planning and maybe that in additional to feeling unhappiness was kind og scary… What is the problem – i was asking myself… I was helping people, coaching, solving the problems…active and in shape…. Still not pinacle of hapines… Was I missing something there?

… It came to me tonight while I was doing Reiki session on the person I really care about. We all know that this kind of sensitivity varies strongly from day to day and …today felt like a really strong day…. I was almost able to feel the material her chakras are made of…teksture, consistence…nice, round and warm…I felt like a channel…like a link from her chakras to the bright light of the universe….totally beautiful, balanced energy points, absence of ” cold waves” as i call them, blockades, obstacles, or sharp objects…none:))

You ask..why do you wanted to do the Reiki than? It’s nothing to fix there… And that was when it came to me… THERE IS NOTHING TO FIX THERE…balance and perfecion…why I felt that I should perform Reiki on her tonight? It just felt right, felt like for the first time in long long time I dont HAVE TO fix things… I can just enjoy being in the light…reinforce light with light …warmth with warmth… Be with her…beside of her…feel the harmony and blance. Hapiness and peace.

The thing is… We often are so focussed on helping others, removing obstscles, dealing with problems of people You want to help that we forget about our own needs…our own needs to feel safe, warm, balanced and fulfilled.. How can we help other people If we ARE NOT FULLY CHARGED? We probably can but can easy be drained out, empty, lightless…and when we are empty on the energy level and we are not filled with light- there is a good chance that darkness and negativity is gonna find a place inside of us. ┬áSo remember- help yourself to help others. Learn from my mistakes.


Stay Strong