Functional Training Workshop in Durham- We Create our lifes!!

Functional Training Workshop in Durham- We Create our lifes!!

It’s sunday… Sitting on board of the plane home.  Can’t believe that im finding out again that we CREATE our life- forging it with out thoughts. I remember like it was today meeting Paul Grey ( from firepower gym in durham) in Oslo on CST certification. We connected, kind of spoke on the same radio wave…feeding on the same energy, feeling things similar. Since we had some contact before on facebook but never met in person it was a little bit awkward” oh yes- its You !!!” kind of meeting… From there went pretty fast and couple of hours after that I got an idea of doing workshop together. …

Well- i just coming back home from durham whe this workshop tok place:))) We CREATE things with our thoughts:)))



In the proces we joined forces with Leszek Stelmachowski- a very talented Coach from Edinburgh Ketlebell Club. Again – we never met before but the same energy was in the air… People like us can feel our kind of people no matter where we are. Big guy with proffesional aproach to the subject and  apearance of the youngster ( baby face:) -realy apreciate our conversation in our mother tongue we had in the evening Mate!!!….some things has been confirmed:)) so different and so simmilar:)))


Something out there… A thought… Brought us 3 together. 3 different teaching styles and methods, 3 different aproach to functional training and 3 different  pernonalities…so different and so alike in the same time.

Leszek and me have been staying at the friends of Paul- Iona- lovelly familly . And there we sat- behind the table filled with delicious paleo dishes! Talking training, history, life… Again- thx for hospitallity those 3 days. Its deeply apreciated!


And the workshop? Well- think a little bit. It just couldn’t go bad. Those 3 branches of Fitness/ physical culture have the same roots- and since human being doesn look like octopus- we have 2 arms and 2 legs plus head( some of us:) – the possibittities of movement always was the same. Its so interesting to see the links between the vintage barbell lifting to clubbell movements and kettlebell techniques… Its all about the Core… And im delighted to se that lots of movement from vintage ” art of strenght” has the yoga influences- (colonisation period in great britain) and many of yoga movements has been included in british military training in weighted variations of movements.
– that was really eye opening like the most of the stuff Paul was coaching.

Leszek is a competition Kettlebell lifter and his part of seminar was all about a efficiency /small things we neglect lifting kettlebells wchich can take our game in to another level. Tought with a spark in the eye and enthusiasm I hope we all have coaching- doing what we love doing.  Great input in Kettlebell lifting ended with 5 min test in 2 competition lifts- jerk and long cycle.

My part? Hmmmm … Im finding my aproach somwhere in the middle of all this… With a strong roots from martial arts and adventurous soul I wanted to give people something they had never experienced- 2 different protocols based on CST movements. One pure clubbell workout built upon 6 degrees of freedom principle- nice, challenging protocol with 90 sec working phase and 30 sec recovery phase covering all 6 directions the human body can move- surging, swaying, heaving, pitching, yawing and rolling – great 40 minutes ended with long compensation session- presara yoga.


As a finnisher I have served them the litle evil workout based just on different Quad variations in 6 minutes:))) you hate it and love it when its over:))



Day 2- I decided to do the Tengu team challenge- the AFAP team based when the monster task lyes on the shoulders of 2 teammates working together, helping each other, motivating…. 5 main excersises with regressions and the recovery/ engine/ constant excersise which has to be in use for the reps in the main excersise to count:)))




Here reveals the main aspect of this training variation- comunnication between two individuals in stress situation:))) fact that its so easy to hit the tunel vision and forget about comunication:) I hope we had lots of fun with it- and Paul ( my man!!!) we crushed it together- some seconds above 21 minutes as a first team- kind of proud of us:)))- it was a blast!!!!

Tengu Team challenge

Work ( counting reps)           Recovery( constant work)

200 Squat jumps/        KB   swing

200  CB front press/             side plank.

200 sitout /                       swinging tripod

200 quad press/             upward- downward.

200 pushups /                  spinal rock.

Presara yoga as cooldown to this program as well:)) great job U all- true warriors!! Paul is doing the great job with U all!!



Believe me … Im tired… And happy- tired cause being switched on whole time, Coaching in the language im not used to coach in…trying to advice and help people and stressing about the outcome… Is this workshop was successfull- IT ROCKED!!! It certainly was one of the best I was coaching… Great friends, great network and movements in synergy… i trully love my job and trully love my life… Those to things starting to melt together… There is no job- THATS MY LIfE.

Thank You all for this time- its precious!!!

Live! Love! Move!!!

Stay strong