There is something burning in me… Can’t stop it… It started first when I have noticed beautifull changes in my students- forst esthetic than energetic…they’re … Happier? I observed more…group connection, dynamics…relation to eachother…thats beautifull… The more I look at it the more I want to be there for them…help and support…guide in some direction considering the past injuries and goals they have…can we make the world better? Can we through training and focus on proper nutrition create healthy and vibrant evironment? We can start from looking at ourselves and start there…what we can change- we have to let go… What we can change- we put awesome amount of effort to do it so… Thats whats burning in me…thoughts to make a difference…its worth it…its necessery…one the films that made a impact on me was “Kingdom of Heaven” of Ridley Scott… film has been butchered by the film critics but I just didn’t care- I use to have a open mind and judge thing myself…. well… I loved it- is it my bad taste? maybe… or maybe just a fact that I was a member of History reenactment group and Crusades are the time we played with? that I felt its atmosphere better than others… who knows. Anyway- simple story of Belian- blacksmith becoming the Knight… being the Knight and taking the choices… one of sentences from that movie is” what man is the man who doesn’t try to make the world better” … stupid? To big task? Or we just don’t have enough faith to TRY? ¬†Observing the changes I have started in people…my thoughts, way I teach just”make sense” for people i feel that I have to TRY. We all have to start from looking at ourselves… search for the answer who we ARE, ¬†and who we are NOT…looking at the “stripped” soul, looking at our own flaws and weaknesses its a not easy mission… that SUCKS it the other words;)))) but it’s just necessary…to know what you can GIVE and what you have to work on to GIVE it in the future. Evolve!!!