Hi everyone.

I thought to refresh my blog- Lots of things has happened lately and it was less time to sit down and reflect…. pour some thoughts on the screen.

Lets just say that Ill try to find couple of minutes every week and resume/reflect over the week and use this blog as a tool of self discovery and self improvement. As you maybe know already- together with Paul Gray- my good friend and genius Coach from Firepower Kettlebell Gym Durham ( and now UK AFM HQ)  we decided to start our own Training System based on our experiences in various  arts and fitness systems. We have been together members of CST and Tacfit family and it was a fantastic experience.

I am IKFF certified kettlebell trainer, Paul Art of Strength kettlebell work is filling out the spots im not really familiar with, I’m cerified Crossfit L1 trainer, Paul has a great knowledge in Vintage physical culture techniques- overall- We work really good together and despite of obvious differences- we are on the same page in Art of Functional Movement and its ethos.

This is our baby and we are going to work constantly researching, improving it and make it beautiful but this is a topic for whole new post – ill try to make it worth waiting for;)



and what was was the topic today- well…Appreciation.

I woke up today…and eating my favourite meal every saturday afternoon ( eggs on bacon) thoughts started to circulate in my mind. Last couple of months I was so focussed on what I should do, achieve, fix, repair, make better, help with, answer to, organize… that I forgot to look around me and APPRECIATE the things I have created,  supportive People I have around me and the fact that Im DOING IT. Im actually living of doing what i love doing. Yes there are challenges and Yes I’m doing mistakes- there are often caused by my need to thrust people, see only the best in people and my good faith- call me naive but I still believe that there is enough for everybody, that  I’m able to create the place that everything connects, where all elements blends and everything works perfectly together- where the social network, physical training and spiritual existence comes together…


We are energy…nobody can try to restrain energy. People join your path… walk with you and split the paths when they decide to do it and we have to respect it even though it maybe hurts and maybe we are deeply disappointed. Sucks right? No it does not.

This is a perfect opportunity to take a step  back ( maybe have some eggs and bacon- that always make me think) and Appreciate people you have around you, people you see daily which progress and small victories builds your life. Students which makes you who you are… skills they mastered because you encouraged them to, mobility they gained because you knew that this teaching cue is going to hit them best… thats something we all have to appreciate. That is people to build the foundation upon…




to end this post… I gonna give you a quote we decided to be the part of Art of Functional Movement ethos-

“You don’t ever need to get ready, if you can always be ready”

Will Smith and Pawel Widuto;)))