Be unique!!!

Tengu Fitness is not ” mainstream” … Said one of the guys I’ve met in the gym we have started to cooperate with…

Its late so instead of go to sleep- lets analyse it a little.

Its a statement and its a fact. We do not use fitness machines, treadmils… Its not exactly 24/7 type of gym. Its class based. Every class is unique, designed to fit AFM periodisation… 

We put movement quality and overall wellness ( both physical, social and psychical) before aesthetic features- and we believe those is a bioproduct of overall health.

We are creating fantastic, supportive network… Training evironment at start…group of friends…evolving towards a big family… Social platform:)

No- we are not mainstream…and its a good thing. And its not a trainig facillity that creates it… Its a people sweating,interacting and having fun within that does.

To all of you guys described as ” not mainstream”… Do Your thing. Don’t stop.

Be unique and don’t be afraid. Its the only way to contribute to the world with something new:)

Be unique and attract unique people…you have a chance to create something that gonna define you as human being… not just pay your bills.


Stay Strong