Small steps everyday- journey of the warrior poet.

Blog dedicated to all of you on the journey to become those you decided to be. Blog about hard,passionate work ( both on the physical and emotional level), about small things we cherrish in our fitness lifes that creating our lifestyle and big, important decisions that define it. We all have a path we walk…my path is an attempt to link hardcore, simple and functional fitness, proper nutrition and suplementation with my passion to martial arts. Warriors body and the mind( will,emotions) is his most important tool. Lets take a good care of it. You are welcome to follow it.

Pawel Widuto

Father,coach,warrior, lover, student of movement…

Founder and Head Coach of Tengu Fitness Concept

Master of science engineer- animals bioengeenering

Certified Kettlebell instructor lev 2
Tactical Fitness( Tacfit) Field Instructor
Circular Strengh Training ( CST) Instructor
NUDDA fillipino boxing aprentice instructor
Reiki lev1


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